Digital editing, mixing, and mastering services.


Uncompressed [WAV or AIFF] file format when possible
High-resolution [bit depth 16+bits/sample rate 44.1+kHz; 24 bit/96 kHz or higher is preferred]
Raw [unprocessed, unless a specific effect is desired]

– Mixing Preparation Checklist:
(1) zero-out start times to ensure proper syncing
(2) leave ample tail if any processing
(3) label clearly [VOX 1, VOX 2, GTR 1, KICK IN, KICK OUT, SNARE BTM, SNARE TOP, etc.]
(4) mono tracks should be exported as such
(5) do not dither when rendering

– Project file formats accepted: Pro Tools [.ptx], Ableton Live [.als], Studio One [.song], GarageBand [.band]

– Preferred transfer method: DropBox. [folder can be provided if needed]